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We hear a lot about vitamins and supplements everywhere we turn. I think it is common knowledge among us all that we should be taking at least a multi vitamin and mineral every day, an antioxidant, and some omega 3 fatty acids Some people have more specific needs and are interested in assisting those needs nutritionally to achieve a higher quality of wellness. Having specific needs is one of the reasons I chose Nature's Sunshine Vitamin and Herbs.

I have tried several vitamin and herb companies throughout the years and I always go back to Nature's Sunshine. Nature's Sunshine is the world leader in herbs and health supplements and has been for over 35 years! They have been producing their supplements with GMP guidelines since their beginning.

Why Use Nature's Sunshine Products?

Nature's Sunshine feels quality is not an option - it's an obligation. This is not a vague goal to them - it's a standard operating procedure. Nature's Sunshine testing procedures are extensive from raw material sampling to the finished products they sell. In all, Nature's Sunshine quality assurance testing uses more than 300 tests and procedures. Every test they conduct leads to better product quality, and excellence in product quality is what has put their products where they are today - at the top! .

Nature's Sunshine has over 600 products and have 475 herbal combinations that are unique giving you more choices. Nature's Sunshine skillfully designs these herbal combinations to maximize potency and ensure safety. No other company in the industry offers them. Nature's Sunshine offers continuing education making them a leader in herb specialists nationwide. I have been taking Nature's Sunshine Products since 1994 and am proud to be a member.

Becoming a Nature's Sunshine Member

What makes them even more unique is there membership plan. Anyone who purchases $40 in Nature's Sunshine Products at Member Pricing can sign up and become a member. As a member, you are eligible to build a downline, if you are not interested in doing that, you can purchase at member pricing (35% savings) for you and your family. You may even possibly receive a rebate depending on your monthly volume (rebates start at $100 on the Classic Plan). Continuing your membership and receiving the member discount is just as easy - a yearly renewal of a $40 purchase at Member Pricing. Learn more on becoming a Nature's Sunshine Member (See Classic Plan) or (See Legacy Plan).

I am here to assist you with selecting which Natures Sunshine Products fit your specific needs and personalize a wellness program for you. I am a Certified Herbalist, Iridologist, and Nutritional Consultant. If you don't know which areas you may need help in, you can contact me for a Personalized Consultation or you can take the Health Analyzer through my Nature's Sunshine Website.

Nature's Sunshine Webinars

With all the products and information in today's marketplace, understanding what is right for you could be a bit of a challenge. Nature's Sunshine Products not only offers one of the highest quality herbs and vitamins in the marketplace today, they also believe in providing education for their customers and members.

Nature's Sunshine Products offers educational Webinars about the benefits of vitamins and herbal supplements. Most webinars are taught by experts like ND's, MD's, Pharmacists, Master Herbalists, Nutritional Consultants, Natural Health Consultants and more. Some of their webinars are even FREE if you can believe that - what commitment Nature's Sunshine has! The others are reasonably priced.

Some of Nature's Sunshine Popular Products. If you are unsure of what to take, try the Health Analyzer!


Circulatory System Support


Nature's Sunshine Blood Pressure X

Blood Pressure X

Cholesterol Testing Kit Nature's Sunshine

Cholesterol Testing Kit

Cholesterol Regulator Natures Sunshine

Cholesterol Reg II

Olive Leaf Nature's Sunshine

Olive Leaf Extract

Co Q 10 Plus Natures Sunshine

CoQ10 Plus

Capsicum Garlic Parsley

Capsicum, Garlic & Parsley

Gingko & Hawthorn

Gingko & Hawthorn Combo

Hawthorn Extract

Hawthorn Extract




Digestive System Support


Essential Oils!


Glandular System Support


Immune System Support


Intestinal System Support


Men's Health


Nervous System Support / Stress


Respiratory System Support


Skin & Hair Support


Structural System Support


Urinary System Support


Vital Nutrition


Weight Loss Support


Women's Health


Health Analyzer
Get the state of your health
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